RSS2dl - An automatic torrent downloader from RSS feeds


You can download version 1.0.1, there is also a GPG signature to verify that it really came from me.

Contact Baruch Even for bug reports, suggestions and general feedback.

What is RSS2dl?

RSS2dl is intended to automate the downloading of torrents from RSS feeds, together with the btlaunchmany* programs it can help you to automatically download tv shows.

RSS2dl is currently intended for hardcore command line users, you actually need to edit the Python code to configure it, it is not for the GUI lovers. I made it because I wanted something that will run unattended from cron on a remote machine.


Are there any dependencies?

It was written on Python 2.3, it should work on Python 2.1 and higher. It uses feedparser v3.3 but includes it in the distribution tar.gz so you are covered about all dependencies.

How to install?

Simply unpack the archive and modify the rss2dl file to your hearts content. There is no GUI to configure this program, it's all in the text files. The configuration should be almost obvious to anyone.

How to use?

Just run the program and it will do its magic, the best mode would be to put it in a cron job for automatic daily work, this is great if you are connected all the time, or have a remote server that is.