This page lists various things I learned that have no official information source, it is dedicated to PalmOS Programming.

My platform of choice is Linux, so this information is based on my experience on Linux, it might be useful for other OSes, but no guarantees.

POSE HotSync to host computer

One thing I needed when developing for the Palm is a quick way to upload the program to the POSE emulator, clicking too much on the gui and searching for the file is not for me. Unfortunately, the package has no documentation on what is needed, but it is very simple.

In the POSE preferences you need to set your serial device to '/dev/ptyqe', and you serial device for pilot-xfer should be '/dev/ttyqe'. Just make sure that permissions are ok and you are ready to go.

Now to use this, just open up the pose, press Alt-H and run on the shell prompt:

 pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyqe -i file.prc

And you'll see the Palm happily getting the file so you can test it.

Now it is only left to find how to tell POSE to start this hotsync from the host computer, this will make it even easier for lazy programmers like myself to test their applications.