Good for research papers
Google Scholar
Google's search dedicated to research articles and book
Jobingrad, a job search engine


Bootable CD project
A projects to create Bootable CDs, some fit in small bussines-card sized CDs.
Toms Root Boot
A Rescue boot diskette (or cd)
Setup Xen on Debian
Remote install of Debian
Disk Failures


ViM Cookbook
A great page with tips for using the ViM editor.
ViM book
A book on ViM, it also has a quick reference that can be useful.



Practical Common Lisp
A very good book on how to do practical work with Lisp
Successfull Lisp
A nice online book about Lisp
CMU Common Lisp
Common Lisp implementation
Lisp FAQ
Common Lisp Open Code Collection - CLOCC
A repository of Lisp source code
CMU AI repository
A repository of Lisp source code - mostly AI related.
Practical Common Lisp
An online book on actually coding in Lisp, not just introduction to the language.


Official Python website
The official Python website
Python Wiki
A WikiWikiWeb-site about Python


The Internet Encyclopedia
Tech Books for Free
LaTeX Thesis class for NUIM
Document Management

Web Design

Robots.txt syntax checker
Dave Ragget's Introduction to CSS
CSS Styling examples
Practical CSS
Talking CSS
Google Suggest Dissected
How Google suggest works, great explanation!
Something similar to Google Suggest use of queries to the server to the update the page without reload.
CPAN live search
Something similar to Google Suggest use of queries to the server to the update the page without reload.


ECN Black hole list
Gandi domain registrar
Free Secondary DNS hosting
Free DNS hosting
Hosts Primary or Secondary DNS for free.
IS in Israel reports
Links to various reports on the Israeli internet, including some statistics, references to laws and various other things.
isoc-il - Israel Internet Association
The body that manages the Israeli Internet - domain registration and IIX.
SCSI Sense Decoder


Dublin Camera Club
Irish Photographers Forum
Jugend Photography Forum
Forum in Hebrew about photography

Fitness and Exercising

Exercise prescription online
A good site that gives detailed information about exercising.


Maia Even
Itzhak Even
Shlomo Yona
Offer Kaye