Baruch Even

Mobile Telephone: +972-54-2577223
Nationality: Polish & Israeli

Type of work sought

A position that will enable me to apply my knowledge and skill to develop a Linux based product, work in a free software environment and achieve technical excellency.

Technical Skills

Software Development


Employment History

Platform Team Manager
IBM-XIV (Israel)
March 2009-present

Started as a Software Developer in the Platform team working on the UPS control logic reducing the number of false-alarms and problems in the field considerably, the UPS was the worst component in our system responsible for a large number of the service calls after my work it reduced in the number of calls to a manageable level. I also worked on improving our RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceablity), making all components of the system and all events provide more information for post-mortem analysis to be able to easily decide on the course of action based on the emitted events only without the need for a technician on-site to do further research.

Six months after I started I was promoted to Team Manager, managing my former peers who numbered three and later on interviewing and hiring two more team members for a total of five. In this role I'm responsible for giving overall technical guidance to the team managing kernel and user space work. I provide the overall support umbrella for my team shielding them from unneeded interruptions and giving them achieveable yet challenging targets to achieve our overall goal of reducing the support costs of the product.

Software Developer
Intercast Networks (defunct) (Netanya, Israel)
September 2006-February 2009

Intercast develops a multicast to storage distribution network with a current focus on video. My core responsibility was to develop the multicast congestion control algorithms and also be part of the team that develops the whole network distribution software from the content provider to the client PC. The software is developed to be cross-platform in C++ using ACE. The development is done on Linux and the client is tested on both Linux and Windows. I worked on the core system, making it tick, going on the road to help demonstrate it to potentional customers. During the initial launch of our first beta customer I served as the sysadmin for the setup, installation and operation until a full-time operations person was hired, for this I learned to work on Cisco routers and configured multicast on the routers and switches.

Company was closed down in the financial spiral of the end of 2008 and I was retained throughout the attempt to sell its technology.

Research Assistant
Hamilton Institute (Maynooth, Ireland)
August 2004-August 2006

Implemented a high-performance method of tracing the behaviour of the Linux kernel in high bandwidth-delay product networks (e.g. high speed trans-atlantic networks) and improved the performance to be able to fully saturate a 1Gbps link. Maintained patches of the H-TCP congestion control and had them accepted to the Linux kernel.

Linux Software Engineer
Shunra (Kfar Saba, Israel)
October 2003-July 2004

Shunra develops a network emulation appliance based on Linux. I was a Linux kernel expert, extending the abilities of the product with additional features in the complete path from the user-mode configuration down to the kernel level emulation of complex network behaviour.

In addition I helped improving the development environment by introducing KGDB, improving build scripts and raising suggestions for process improvement.

Software Developer
Jungo (Netanya, Israel)
October 2001-October 2003

Jungo develops OpenRG, a Linux and VxWorks based software stack for broadband modems and routers. I was the component owner of the Firewall and NAT module in OpenRG. My responsibility was to design and develop the firewall, improving it to fit increasing requirements and overseeing developers who helped with design and coding. Development in the kernel for the filtering itself and user-mode for Firewall Policy configuration. During this work I learned a lot about Networking (IPv4, TCP, UDP, PPP), Linux kernel internals, as well as proper Software Engineering.


Software Developer

During my Technion studies I worked with a company to develop dynamic web-sites with MySQL as the database and PHP as the implementation language. The work included, design, implementation and support and required interfacing with a legacy Magic database. During this work I learned about Relational Databases, SQL, PHP and database-driven website development. Part of the process was also getting the customer, selling my services to him and providing support for a period of time after the deployment.


Free Software Development, I've worked with and contributed to several Free Software projects. Most notably LyX, a semantic markup editor well known for it's LaTeX backend, XMMS-VolNorm, an XMMS plugin to normalize the audio volume to avoid manual tuning with the volume knob for each song, and minor contributions to cvsps, Galeon and others.

I am also a Debian Developer since 2001, responsible for packaging software for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.


Last modified 4 June 2010.