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MinionCity Arduino Setup
28th December 2012

Yesterday I got the Minion City Arduino compatible device. It's a tiny device that provides Arduino Leonardo compatible board with a built-in RF12B radio. I got two of those to try my hands with Arduino development with the first project planned to be a basic weather sensor (temperature, humidity, barometric pressue, ambient light).

There is scant little documentation, it is all hidden across multiple blog posts and kickstarter project description. The first thing I needed to know was that this is an Arduino Leonardo and then that the LED is on pin 16 rather than the usual pin 13. There is a green led that lights occasionally and I still don't understand it's purpose.

So far I checked the led and the keyboard control which is really nice, now I need to get myself a breadboard and some sensors to do what I really want from it.

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MinionCity Google Group
28th December 2012

To facilitate discussions about the minion I created a mailing list in Google Groups at Feel free to join.

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2nd January 2013

Thanks to my co-worker I got the battery shield fully setup, initially I missed the switch and he managed to solder it to a mostly soldered shield and minion. Initial test seemed to indicate that it doesn't work but that was just me wrongly assuming that the led always lights up at startup, loading a blink sketch on the minion proved that the battery shield works just fine.

Note to self: Need to get loading a version across the radio to work, that would be extra cool and make maintenance of the sensor network a breeze. Will need to make sure that I don't brick the minions across the radio.

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