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Entries from June 2007.

The Easy Way to have ATI in Debian
19th June 2007

The ingredients for this recipe:

  1. A computer with ATI display driver
  2. Debian unstable (though testing and etch should work as well)
  3. A network connection


  1. su -
  2. aptitude install fglrx-control fglrx-driver fglrx-driver-dev fglrx-kernel-src modula-assistant linux-headers-2.6-686
  3. m-a -t auto-install fglrx
  4. aticonfig -f --install
  5. Restart X, you can do it with Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, or just restart the computer
  6. Enjoy the beautiful new look of your desktop!

If you are using an AMD machine replace the linux-headers-2.6-686 with linux-headers-2.6-k7.

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WebSec ASCII Markers
25th June 2007
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