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KVM in Debian
19th November 2006

KVM is a Kernel-based Virtual Machine for Linux, it has a kernel module that enables a modified Qemu to use the Intel VT extension for full virtualisation, with the benefit of making the virtualisation very fast. In the future it will also support the SVM extension of AMD.

It will be available in Debian once the ftp-masters clear the backlog, and is currently available in a temporary location. The manpage is missing but the instructions to get it to work are:

At this stage you have KVM ready for usage, simply use the kvm program as if it was the Qemu program, to boot a Debian Live CD use: kvm -cdrom live.iso -boot d

In the future the KVM patches will be merged into both the kernel and Qemu and these packages will be gone, but for now, that's the easiest way to use KVM.

Update: KVM entered the archive, instructions above were updated.

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