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Entries from March 2006.

The DPL is not important
7th March 2006
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Unix-style utilities
11th March 2006
Input is a list of numbers, one on a line. Output is their distribution, a value and how many time it occurs in the input. Useful for my statistics and performance work.
Input is a list of numbers, one on a line. Output is some statistics about the numbers: average, stddev, min, max, mid point.

I also have a few non-unix-style utils that are useful (to me), It's a fairly simple multiple machine synchronization by using multicast messages. It's also useful to synchronize on a single machine, running it at the end of one command sequence and running the receiver to wait for it to end and do some other commands. It enables the equivalent of: cmd && othercmd && thirdcmd for multiple branches, so I can run two or more command chains when one ends.

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Lior Kaplan is finally a Debian Developer
14th March 2006

Lior has been instrumental to the Debian-Hebrew project so far and I'm sure it will only help to have him on board with full privileges. Keep up the good work!

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Vi/ViM tutorial
29th March 2006
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