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Entries from July 2005.

Debconf 5 Video
19th July 2005

Debconf5 has been filmed and the videos are available.

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Debian GNU/kOpenSolaris
23rd July 2005

Debian GNU/Linux is obvious, but there is also Debian GNU/Hurd, Debian GNU/NetBSD and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. And now, someone wants a Debian GNU/kOpenSolaris.

Who wants a Debian GNU/Windows?

The license that governs OpenSolaris is the CDDL, and apparently it was already discussed on the debian-legal mailing list, with the conclusion that it is probably DFSG-free but it has some warts.

Will we see an OpenSolaris based Debian distribution? As usual, only if someone will bother building it. Just raising ideas to the blogosphere doesn't achieve much.

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Working on a Debian-Hebrew install CD
25th July 2005

While looking at what else can I do for Debian-Hebrew I decided to do an install CD for it. And I found simple-cdd to be a big help in making it easy to create an install CD.

As a result of the ease of use, this was seen on IRC:

  <baruch> I do have to say a BIG THANKS for simple-cdd, it made my life simple!
  * vagrantc bows

A real install CD will take a bit more work to finish though. I'm now testing a quick hack for it, and testing installation takes quite a bit of time.

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