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Entries from June 2005.

Thanks for SpamAssassin
1st June 2005

Yesterday I had my disk filling up. If you saw old blog posts in my RSS feed and Planet FOSS-IL didn't update, that's the reason.

Another side effect of that condition was that SpamAssassin got stuck. The effect of that was that further mails were not processed by it, they were sent right to my mailbox. And I had a reminder of what it means to have life without SpamAssassin. I got in a period of about 12 hours just over 300 spam messages.

Thanks to SpamAssassin folks, I don't need to suffer this on a day to day basis.

Now, if they only got this hangup bug fixed, all would be well.

Oh, and the Subversion peoples need to see what needs to be done with all those damn log files, they filled my HD. Still need to research what caused a single project to fill 12GB of disk space.

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I have a car
1st June 2005

It's a small Fiat Punto 98, and since the Irish do not recognize my Israeli drivers license I needed to do a theory test. I'll get to do the practical driving test in about 52(!) weeks, almost a year, and just before I leave Ireland back to Israel. The waiting time for a practical driving test is ridiculously high here.

In order to get an insurance I was required to pass an Assessment test. This is in effect a practical driving test done by a private organisation. I did that yesterday, and passed. Today I rang up the insurance company and got a quote, accepted it and paid by credit card, and the insurance is valid from now. So today I could legally use my car, so instead of walking the 10 minutes from home to university, I took the car for a ride.

In about two weeks my wife's parents are coming for a visit and we'll take them on a tour to west Ireland (County Kerry), and then we'll really test drive the car.

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Planet (former) Advogato
2nd June 2005

I obviously missed plenty of peoples that have a new blog, but as usual in Open-Source, it's an early release. Let me know if you know of others that I should add.

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More Planet (former) Advogato
4th June 2005

I've got a few requests to add peoples to the planet, all besides one were accepted, the last one doesn't have RSS feed for his blog. Can't do much about that.

In my haste to execute the idea I forgot to add contact information when peoples want to be added to the planet. This is fixed now.

Anyhow, if you want to be added to Planet (former) Advogato, mail me at Please provide me the blog address, RSS feed and nick(s) on Advogato. I think it's only worth to add English language blogs there.

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Back from a trip with the parents-in-law
18th June 2005
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