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Entries from May 2004.

3rd May 2004

I've prepared a roadmap for AutoFW, at least until the 1.0 stage, though it gets updated with various bits that I find that need to be done to make it a correctly functioning daemon.

By now it acts ok, can daemonize, log to syslog, kill another daemon by the -q option and generally tries to be a good daemonetizen.

I'm still missing removing the pid file on exit and some bug where I don't exit immediately when getting SIGTERM, some issue with a signal not stopping a system call probably.

I've got myself a small script to summarize what issues need to be handled for the current version so I can easily see what I've got to do before release. It's a good motivational. The script needs to be expanded to show the various TODOs sprinkled in the code, these are not bugs, just things I didn't have the time to implement.

Speaking about bugs, My current Bug Tracking System (BTS), is a Known Bugs section in the README file, for now it works fine, there is no external feedback anyhow and by committing the removal of a bug from the README, I also mark when in the repository life I thought I solved the bug.

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AutoFW 2
11th May 2004

So far the feedback includes an error in documentation and that the code doesn't work for Python 2.2, it does work on Python 2.3. I'll need to see how I can solve the problem for Python 2.2

The following code:

int('FFAABBCC', 16)
Emits an error for Python 2.2 but not for Python 2.3, if you know how to solve this, send me the solution to Thanks!

Amongst the correct solvers an incorrect solver will be awarded. (It sounds better in Hebrew: בין הפותרים נכונה יוגרל פותר שלא ענה נכונה)

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