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Entries from July 2001.

Desktop switch
9th July 2001

One missing thing is setting up Hebrew fonts for TeX. This is not trivial, though it shouldn't be hard, I remember someone intended to do a package for it, this will make it easy enough.

Another missing thing that I fixed is xmmsctrl, this is a small command line program to control XMMS, I use it to control XMMS from the "Multimedia" keys on the keyboard. I've actually made a Debian package for it, I'm now in a need for someone in Israel to sign my key so I can start the process of becoming a Debian package maintainer.

Another package I intend to work on is rp3, this is RedHats PPP frontend for wvdial, I like it so much that I want it on Debian too, but they use stuff that is tied to RedHat specific configuration. Will have quite a bit to work on it. For now I setup a sudo permission to use wvdial from the command line, I'm fine with it, my significant other prefers the GUI.

I'm now using Galeon and Mozilla from Debian packages since I'm suddenly unable to compile Mozilla from sources due to some /bin/sh problem in nspr, weird!

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9th July 2001

After this summer semester (ends mid September), I'll be free as a bird - to be chained to some chair in some office to do some (hopefully interesting) programming and development work. Anybody cares to offer an interesting job?

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