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What am I doing wrong?
24th May 2005

I tried, I really tried.


I published on whatsup, I'm talking to anyone who'll listen. But still, most of the Hebrew related Debian issues, I hear from other sources and not from the users. I obviously don't have enough time to read all blogs and be on all boards and mailing lists, but can't people at least send me a note when there is an Hebrew bug in Debian, or a package that can be added?

The latest example is aspell-he, I've read on a blog, that there is support in aspell for Hebrew spell checking. And was never notified by anyone on this new addition. And I've already added hspell and myspell-he once I became aware of them. hspell through linux-il mailing list, and myspell-he from a user filing a wishlist bug report on hspell.

If you know of an important Hebrew related application that you want to see in Debian, please let me know. I might not be able to handle all of them, but I can delegate some of them to Lior Kaplan :-)


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