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Wavelet Project
23rd May 2005

This semester I'm doing a project with Wavelets, The former semester I did a seminar on wavelets, but it touched the topic very lightly, my lecture was the last one and it was the first one that actually touched on wavelets, specifically it dealt with Dyadic Wavelets and Frames.

The seminar itself was very hard since it was very mathematical (I am doing a Math degree), and I need to see that applicative sides in order to grasp the subject better. That is why I took this project.

The project subject is "Finding 'Optimal Base' of Wavelets", It's 'Optimal Base' since one cannot be found in the general sense. The task at hand is to define 'Optimal' by defining the measuring function and then taking a specific class of images and figuring what wavelet base will work best for them under the specific function.

The project deals with images and thus we are looking at 2D wavelets, specifically we are looking at Gabor Wavelets as the source of the possibles bases, by using different parameters to the construction of the Gabor Wavelets we intend to get different bases. This is a very small interpretation of the project but it is necessary in order to complete it in the 3-4 months that is our time-frame.

The current stage is that of reading articles on the subject and trying to locate additional articles that we can read and work on to build our project.

(The we is because this project is done by myself and by Uri Itai)

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