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Thanks for SpamAssassin
1st June 2005

Yesterday I had my disk filling up. If you saw old blog posts in my RSS feed and Planet FOSS-IL didn't update, that's the reason.

Another side effect of that condition was that SpamAssassin got stuck. The effect of that was that further mails were not processed by it, they were sent right to my mailbox. And I had a reminder of what it means to have life without SpamAssassin. I got in a period of about 12 hours just over 300 spam messages.

Thanks to SpamAssassin folks, I don't need to suffer this on a day to day basis.

Now, if they only got this hangup bug fixed, all would be well.

Oh, and the Subversion peoples need to see what needs to be done with all those damn log files, they filled my HD. Still need to research what caused a single project to fill 12GB of disk space.

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