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23rd May 2005

In between I'm learning for my tests and working on my project course (Wavelet Image Compression)

LyX has switched to use some funky construct with templates from the Boost project so now I cannot compile the code from CVS, which also means I cannot work on LyX until I upgrade my compiler (currently egcs 1.12). I postpone this since I intend to switch to Debian unstable which already has gcc 3.0, hopefully this will make sure that nothing Lars will throw in LyX will kill the compiler.

But switching a distribution is such a tedious job, I'll need to find those things that I take for granted and make sure they are installed on the new distribution. I've done most of my preparations by now, I switched /home to another partition (on ext3) and have Debian unstable installed already though it needs updating, but that last mile of actually telling lilo to boot as a default to Debian instead of RedHat is not so easy to do, mentally mostly.

I'll get around to this, promise!

I've switched to using Mozilla some time ago, much better than Netscape 4.7x. I then switched to Galeon since it was even better than using Mozilla directly, even though it misses some features of Mozilla (parts of the Password Management don't work and changing style sheets is impossible), I'll try to tackle this sometime.

The best work I do on Open-Source/Free-Software projects is when it scratches an itch, when everything is perfect for me I have less inclination to do anything.

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