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MSc degree
30th March 2001

Touch decision. I'm dying already to get a life, a job and start building all those nifty gadgets that I want (TiVo like DVR, MP3 player in the car [the car still needs buying though :-], a real TV and a long trip to somewhere abroad).

On the other hand, learning is fun, I enjoy it! I might even earn a bit more when I finish with MSc (or heaven forbid, a PhD! [It's too close to PHB :-] )

Aaah, life sucks, you actually need to decide a lot for yourself. The route for an Israeli is pretty much fixed at least until 21, you've got your school until 18, mandatory army service until 21 and then you need to start deciding for yourself, so you shell the money and go for a degree to hide somewhere from the need to decide real things (as opposed to "what course should I take this semester?"). But then comes a time when you need to decide, and the need to hide is overwhelmed with some materialistic (or geeky) need to have some gadgets that you just cannot afford without a full time job.

Assuming I'll go for MSc now, the choices I'm contemplating are the Technion, where I learn currently, Tel-Aviv University (TAU) which is closer to the center, or Ben-Gurion University (BGU). I actually lean more toward the Technion or TAU, but I'm really out of clue. What should be the basis for the decision?

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