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I have a car
1st June 2005

It's a small Fiat Punto 98, and since the Irish do not recognize my Israeli drivers license I needed to do a theory test. I'll get to do the practical driving test in about 52(!) weeks, almost a year, and just before I leave Ireland back to Israel. The waiting time for a practical driving test is ridiculously high here.

In order to get an insurance I was required to pass an Assessment test. This is in effect a practical driving test done by a private organisation. I did that yesterday, and passed. Today I rang up the insurance company and got a quote, accepted it and paid by credit card, and the insurance is valid from now. So today I could legally use my car, so instead of walking the 10 minutes from home to university, I took the car for a ride.

In about two weeks my wife's parents are coming for a visit and we'll take them on a tour to west Ireland (County Kerry), and then we'll really test drive the car.

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