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Genealogical Excavations
22nd May 2005

As reported in a previous post, I've been working on uncovering the history of my family. It sounds big, but my intention is not to find where my ancestors where in the 14th century, that requires too many conjectures and assumptions. I'm only looking at what I have which is the grandparents of my grandparents, also known as my great-great-grandparents.

In this cause so far I've enlisted my parents to do the digging with my grandparents, unfortunately, my grandparents never spoke about their past and at this time and their age it is hard to get them to talk about it. So we can only ask small questions and get limited answers.

I had most of the first names of the levels up to the g-g-grandparents, but not the surnames, this was taken from my bar-mitzvah roots work (עבודת שורשים). But now I also have the surnames and they are LEDERMAN, WUNTER, LANDAU and REINIS for my maternal side, REISHTEIN, KAGAN and KOSTRIUKOVA from my paternal side. I also have some better knowledge of where my ancestors came from.

The best part of it is that the digging by my parents revealed photo albums that were not even known to them! I have a picture of my maternal grandfather's father. It is just so nice to actually have a picture to relate to.

I was hoping to get stories out of my grandparents, about themselves and about their parents. But it doesn't seem like it would work. I will need to press my parents to provide their own stories, before they grow too old and become so stubborn.

So far I'd like to thank Yad Vashem for their amazing effort of documenting those who perished in the holocaust. And providing the information free of charge on their website. This has been a tremendous resource when searching for family members who died in the holocaust.

I'd also like to thank Eilat Gordin Levitan for creating an amazing website on the shtetls around Vilna, especially about Kurenets, which is the place where my fathers family came from.

The result so far of this work is a gramps database which I export as relationship graphs, and a family genealogy website which includes information on those who died already. There is also a private website which is password-protected since it includes personal information on those still living.

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