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Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds
23rd May 2005

I've always been a book work, in primary school I was given the right to borrow five books instead of the usual three because I read so many books. Only that in the recent years I've read more technical books than non-technical and I decided I need to rebalance it a bit.

One of the advantages of being a student again is having access to a library, however lame it is compared to the Technion Libraries, it still has a selection of non-technical books. Actually, most of its books are non-technical, the technical ones are rare. So I've went and borrowed a couple of books, I've picked up "The Norton Book of Science Fiction", "Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds" and "Early modern conceptions of property".

I've already read the Norton book, it was a nice collection of science fiction short stories, I really enjoyed those stories and it's been a long while since I read science fiction stories.

I've finished today reading the "Popular Delusions" book and it was fantastic! It talked about historic things, some of them I've heard about in history classes, things like the Crusades, The witch hunts, Duels, Alchemists, and other topics I didn't hear about such as Magnetiser. And it discusses and shows the folly of them in such a fluid language that it really makes it interesting.

The good thing is that since it is a book from 1841(!) it is available for free on the web, I recommend you read Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds By Charles MacKay.

I've also started reading the History of Property book, didn't get too much in-depth with it though.

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