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3rd May 2004

I've prepared a roadmap for AutoFW, at least until the 1.0 stage, though it gets updated with various bits that I find that need to be done to make it a correctly functioning daemon.

By now it acts ok, can daemonize, log to syslog, kill another daemon by the -q option and generally tries to be a good daemonetizen.

I'm still missing removing the pid file on exit and some bug where I don't exit immediately when getting SIGTERM, some issue with a signal not stopping a system call probably.

I've got myself a small script to summarize what issues need to be handled for the current version so I can easily see what I've got to do before release. It's a good motivational. The script needs to be expanded to show the various TODOs sprinkled in the code, these are not bugs, just things I didn't have the time to implement.

Speaking about bugs, My current Bug Tracking System (BTS), is a Known Bugs section in the README file, for now it works fine, there is no external feedback anyhow and by committing the removal of a bug from the README, I also mark when in the repository life I thought I solved the bug.

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