About Baruch Even

I'm a 31 years old Software Developer, with a BA in mathematics from the Technion, Israel. I'm a programmer by hobby, interest and profession (in short, I'm a programming Geek). I'm working but if you have an interesting proposal I'm willing to hear about it, I'm interested in a Linux related programming job, preferably with/inside the Linux Kernel. You can peek at my CV, and possibly offer me a job.

I'm mostly self-taught in regard to programming, learning by myself to program in Basic on the Commodore 64 and then switching to the IBM PC-XT Compatible using GW-Basic. After some time I switched to Pascal, from there to C and later on I tried my hands with C++. I also learned by example a bit of Prolog, Scheme and Lisp. But having done no serious programming in it, it was left as an interesting lesson only.

During the last few years, I actually worked with C++ and learned Python, Perl and PHP, dabbling with SQL databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. I did a freelance project using PHP3 and MySQL, during which I learned SQL and Database design practices. I've learned to like C a lot, do the Kernel Programming dance and play with Makefiles. UNIX is now second nature to me, and sed/awk/cut/head/tail are among my best friends.

I learn for the joy of learning, and as any geek I'll program for fun, but as any person I also need money to live, so I do programming for fun and money at the same time. Except when my boss takes the fun out of programming and demands impossible schedules and will still interrupt the workflow with inundating requests. If you are a boss like this, know that you are getting less performance than you can.

You can visit my Projects page to see with what I am involved, programming wise. These projects are free software, licensed under the GPL.

Subjects I'm interested in are cryptography, specifically the public key cryptography and its various spinoffs, Optimization problems are also very interesting, unfortunately I've been unable to take courses in this topic during my studies so far. I'll usually enjoy playing with any topic that offers challenges in ideas and implementation, one of my pet projects (VolNorm) required to learn and employ some basics in signal processing and I enjoyed that immensely.

I'm enjoying working with Networking, I implemented Firewalls, both the rulesets and the firewall cores themselves. I also did Network Testing equipment, but that turned out to require a lot less knowledge on networking than expected. I am now learning the joys of TCP Congestion Control algorithms.

Friends, family or anyone else who likes me enough can find my ThinkGeek wishlist, You can also buy me a book from my Amazon Wishlist.

Version: 3.12
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